Plastic Hair Surgery

Y & Y beauty salon plastic hair surgeryPlastic surgery for hair is one of the new trends for hair care that is in vogue because by applying the treatment it will help to reduce the frizz that torments women so much, consequently this new treatment favors the straightening of the hair by means of  applying the treatment.
It promises to regenerate the cuticle cells by providing fibrous proteins to its cortex and resulting in hair rejuvenation, softness and extreme shine.

What is the treatment of capillary plastic surgery?

Hair surgery uses a molecule based on collagen and natural vitamins that sticks from the most damaged areas of hair, filling spaces and nourishing, hydrating and restoring hair to the maximum.

Characteristics of capillary plastic surgery

Regenerates the cells of the cuticle providing fibrous proteins to its cortex. Formulated for hair damaged by the effects of dyes and discolorations. Excellent ally in the keratin processes previously applied to the hair.
Contains Vitamin B6 that restores and conditions damaged hair, repairing the hair fiber.

It generates a smoothing effect that lasts from 10 to 12 weeks. It produces a deep hydration and a very marked natural shine.
Highlights the hair with dye highlighting the color in HD, accentuating the tones in a spectacular way.

Contains D Panthenol that deeply moisturizes the hair giving it shine and elasticity.
Helps the hair lose frizz by hydrating dry, chemically treated hair, achieving manageable hair for a much more pleasant and natural look.
Cumulative effect in hair care because if the 1st application lasts 45 days the 2nd and 3rd lasts a little longer respectively.


Hair plastic surgery treatments should be applied with a brand that is 100% free of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is counter productive. One of the great advantages of this product is that it does not contain proteins or chemical agents that affect the hair. Before the treatment of the surgery you should apply shampoo to remove impurities and excess fat in the scalp.
At the time of application,  expect a strong smell, so it is recommended to be near a fan or window.
The roots should be retouched at least 6 months after the first application of the treatment.