Facial Cabin

Our Beauty Salon Y & Y is an ideal place that will deliver a state of inner peace and tranquility, quieting the mind.

We work for your beauty and health, taking it to cellular plans. Pampering you with personalized treatments that wrap you in a delicate pleasure bulb like blue tulip petals.

Look Young for longer!

Over the years it becomes crucial to take care of our skin to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance.

There are important factors to maintain its protective function and a good detoxification of the cells. The surface barrier is affected by exogenous and endogenous aggressions, which have a great impact on cell regeneration.

The superficial dryness, the soft skin, spots, that are normally seen in the aging process, is the result of the deterioration of the lipid barrier, of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid.

We help you to make this barrier work at its best possible level and say goodbye to the lack of hydration, lighting, goodbye to acne, spots, stretch marks, wrinkles.

Benefits of our treatments in the cabin:

  • Enjoy a touching skin longevity, with professional technology that helps protect the skin’s defense barrier.
  • Hydration and deep detoxification that leave the skin youthfully smooth and flexible.
  • Exfoliation by moving the dead cells, for a greater cellular renewal that revives and gives vitality to the growing skin.
  • Stimulate the lymphatic system that is one of those responsible for cleaning and purifying the body, of great importance for its purifying action for the human body.


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